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Each Brunched box Contains our exclusive freshly baked gourmet treats, made with love, using the best local produce.


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“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Charles Dickens -

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Brunched by Jenna was born from humble beginnings, from the beautiful Barrington coast. It’s founder and creative mind Jenna Hobson has always been a keen enthusiastic foodie.

Cakes rising in the oven has always been a creative outlet for Jenna to show her abundant love and appreciation.


Growing up in a large family, she was forever baking, cooking, reading recipes and bringing them to life, presenting banquets of rich flavours and mouth watering delights her love present in each bite.

Jenna’s warm heart and culinary skills were adapted into her career as a nanny, always cooking and surprising her clients with sweet and savoury treats. A self taught Baker Jenna furthered her knowledge and turned her love and passion into what is this day Brunched by Jenna


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